Wissem group one of the large family companies created by Mrs. Yaich in 1999 in the city of Sfax the economic capital of the Tunisian republic, specialized in the field of confectionery and chocolate, after more than 20 years experience the group classify as a big producer and exporter of confectionery. In our product line we have gummy candies, Cereals Smarties chocolate dragees, toys with candy, etc.

We serve our products from the domestic market to the wholesale market as well as to hypermarkets,supermarkets, stores, etc. Besides the domestic market, we regularly export to about 20 different countries in the world, Australia , Russia, Germany, Lebanon , USA and also 14 countries in the African continent.Our products are made with a high range of 85% European raw materials. All our products without additives, without gelatin, colorings and flavors 100% natural, On the other hand we work in our process with a new technology which guarantees us the same quality.